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Delegate Program Details      


  1. Delegates are Members charged with the responsibility of determining who is to represent the Patriot Party® in general elections.

  2. Members may join 1 of 6 Delegate Teams as determined by their home address. These Delegate Teams are as follows:

    • US Senator 1

    • US Senator 2

    • US House Representative

    • Governor

    • State Senator

    • State House Representative

  3. Delegate Teams are limited to 20 Delegates. Once filled, Delegate Teams become unavailable to other Members.

The Fee to Become a Delegate:      

Everything about the Patriot Party® is based on science, elegance and doing what is best for America. The decision regarding what it costs to become a Delegate is no exception.

  1. There is no fee to become a Delegate. A nominal registration fee is necessary to ensure only the serious-minded apply.

    Note: If there were no registration fee, every Member would become a Delegate, causing the performance of Delegate Teams to suffer.

  2. Yet it is important to make the Patriot Delegate Program available to everyone, regardless of economic status. Therefore, the right answer regarding the registration fee to become a Delegate is $1 (less than the cost of one cup of coffee).

    Note: A registration fee of even $1 is enough to discourage the half-hearted, insuring Delegate Teams are comprised of Members dedicated to fulfilling their obligation to select the best people to represent the Patriot Party® and serve America.


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